2 Mode Operation of The BowLite

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Several times each year we get asked about operating the high and low modes on the 2 mode lights we make.

While having a 2 mode light will significantly increase your odds of harvesting some very nice animals when bowhunting, or crossbow hunting at night, it can be a little confusing to operate at first.

Our lights are programmed with "Mode Memory".

What this means is that the high or low mode that the light turns on with can be programmed as you like for your particular hunting situations.

Having the ability to set your light to turn on in "High" or "Low" mode can and will often make the difference between filling your coolers or going home empty handed most of the time.

How does it work?

We have programmed the circuit boards in our lights to recognize what "mode" they or in when they are "on". What this means is that you simply have to turn your BowLite on and leave it on for 2 seconds or more before turning it off. 

The next time you turn your light on it will come on in the same mode you left it in for 2 seconds before turning it off.

So, just leave your light in high or low mode as you need it before turning it off and when that stud comes into your shooting lane and you turn the light on it will turn on in the same mode you "set".

It takes a little practice to figure it out, but once you do you will have an invaluable tool at your finger tips!

~ BowLite