Generation 4 BowLite

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Well, its been a good run for our Generation 3 lights. 

Admittedly, we should have probably made a change sooner, but we didn't want to do anything that would create confusion between the different models. That can be very frustrating for everyone when rolling out a new product and noone is prepared for it.

BowLite Gen4 Bow hunting light

Our Generation 4 is really quite unique. It does use a different battery set up (16340) for 2 mode operation, but it is super compact, and superior to the generation 3 lights in almost every way.

Most importantly, we added the ability to make this light totally modular if you choose. A separate battery tube can be added for operation with 18650 batteries, for example. Flashlight tail caps are not optional with every light.

Using the combination of items that are now available with the Generation 4 BowLite, it is totally possible to have a bow hunting light that works well on a gun or crossbow. AND, it can be removed and changed over to a tracking light easily.

This flexibility is rare in a hunting light these days. Believe us, we know. Big box companies have knocked off our products for a few years now, but one thing remains the same- Options.

Options are extremely important to us. We know that if we wouldn't spend $100 on a light that can't be used for tracking, scanning, working, as well as hunting- Why would our customers?

The LED modules are easy to change and require no tools. The tailcaps are built so that the threaded bolt is removable if you're not using it on your bow in the stabilizer fitting. The battery tube for 18650 comes with a clip for using it handsfree if needed. And, of course, our time tested super bright LEDs will ensure that you can make that shot when you need to.

Of course, we weren't about to make a new light without making one that was more affordable. So we made sure we could shave some money off these in order to make them much more affordable for hunters.

Here's a link to the Generation 4 BowLite:

Take a look at it when you have some time. We're pretty sure you will agree that this light is truly unique ;)