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Bowfisher LED Bowfishing Light 6pk

24.00 LBS
$24.99 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    50wattcob.jpg50 Watt COB Bowfisher Specs

    Housing: Standard- Rectangle
    50 watts | 5,000 Lumens avg
    100-120 Lumens / Watt
    Voltage: 120-240vAC | 12/24 vdc
    Amps: .5-.25 avg | 4.0 / 2.0 avg
    Cable Length: 24″ SJTO Oil & Water Resistant 2-Wire
    Water Resistance: IP66
    Body: Cast Aluminum
    Lens: Ceramic Coated Glass | Acrylic Upgrade (Optional)
    LED Colors Available:
    HPS 2700k | Halogen 3000k | Metal Halide 4000k | Pure White 5000k
    Lumens: 5,000 avg
    3yr Body & Internal Electronics
    Limited Lifetime on LED Module
    Limited Lifetime on Acrylic Lens Against Defects UV Discoloration
    * Applies to original owner only-
    * Warranty Program Available For Subsequent Owners.
    Warranty Registration: Required
    Proof of Purchase: Required


    Quick Change LED Modules

    Bowfisher Lights feature a industry first with our exclusive “quick change LED Module”.

    With HUGE heat sinks, these LED’s are specifically designed for us to out perform just about anything on the water. Just adding heat sink surface area wasn’t enough for us. We added 100% more surface area than the “other guy’s” LED modules and then we gave it a COPPER CORE!

    Making LED changes easy is one thing, but making an LED that is truly superior- Now, that’s what we did for our line of bowfishing lights.


    temperatures.jpgLED Color Options

     We have done the research and hard work of tracking down just the right color options for our bowfishing lights so our dealers and customers don’t have to worry when they want to switch lakes, or set up their boat for the first time.

    Easily changeable LED modules ensure that you can have just the right color you need based on what you are used to shooting with, and what the water conditions require.

    We highly encourage our dealers to stock additional LED kits so that their customers and change the LED colors on the fly when needed. Nobody knows better than you do what color you need when you’re on the water- Now you can adjust for current conditions as need.





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