BowLite Troubleshooting

The #1 service call we receive concerning our bow hunting lights is a loose silver o-ring in the tailcap.  If your light works intermittently or if the LED goes on and off, more than likely it is a loose o-ring in the tailcaop.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

1.  Remove the tailcap
2.  Look on the inside of the tailcap and you may see a silver o-ring with two little indentions in it.
3.  Take needle-nose pliers and place the tips in the little indentions in the silver o-ring in the tailcap.  
4.  Turn CLOCKWISE.  If the ring is loose any, that can cause your light to not work properly.
5.  IMPORTANT:  Do not put Loctite glue (or such) on the o-ring.  To replace the switch in the tailcap, you have to be able to removed this ring to access the switch.
5.  It's a good idea to periodically check to make sure it is secure.  With the clicking on and off of your light, that ring can work loose.  




It is important to take apart your light, tighten these rings, and clean up any old or dirty grease on the threads. This will ensure a good electrical connection to your tailcap and make your light much more reliable.

If this does not solve your problem, try the following things IN ORDER

1) Test the bowmount (or rifle/crossbow) tail cap & the REGULAR FLASHLIGHT tailcap one at a time.

       Does the flashlight tail cap work ok? If yes, then the issue is with the tailcap that has the cable on it.

       Does the tailcap with the cable on it work ok? If yes, then the issue is with the flashlight tailcap.

       Does this not fix the problem with either tailcap? Move to step #2

2) Make sure the head of the light is not overly tight (take it off), and clean all of the threads in the tail cap and the body.

      Repeat step #1

3) If steps #1 and #2 do not work, check your batteries for proper voltage/ charge.

     A fully charged battery should be 3.7v DC. Do you have 3-3.7v DC on your battery? If not- charge batteries.

     If you do have 3-3.7v DC insert the battery with the point (positive) end toward the LED (front of the light). Does it work now?

     If you have 3-3.7vDC and your light still does not come on- Contact us to ship your light in for repair/ checking out.

     If you do not have 3-3.7v DC on your batteries- Replace your charger.

     Repeat steps 1 & 2 if you had to charge your batteries or replace a charger. Light should be working ok.

4) If steps 1-3 did not work, change the LED out with another one (if you have two) and test everything in steps 1-3 again.


At this point you should have an idea which parts are creating the problem for you. You can fill out the contact form and let us know you would like to send it in for repairs.


Additional Trouble Shooting Tips

Applies to G3 Models Purchased Before 12/15/15

Over tightening the head of the G3 BowLite can cause the reflector to apply too much pressure against the LED module. When this happens, the LED will not turn on- At All.....

Causes--- This happens most often when the LED module is not threaded completely into the body of the G3 BowLite. Using needle nose pliers, make sure the LED is threaded comletely into the body by removing the head of the light and turning it clockwise.

Why Does This Happen? The clearance between the reflector and top of the LED is very close. When the LED is left unthreaded as little as 1/2 turn, the reflector will seat against the LED board when tightening the head. This will cause the LED board to "time out" and not turn on the LED bulb- 

Why are the clearances so close? This spacing needs to be very close. If the reflector sits too high, the beam will be very inconsistent and create a "halo" effect. Keeping the reflector "just" at the point of contact allows the LED to turn on and emit  light into the reflector so that it can be cast out the front of the light to form a smooth, consistent beam of light.

Here are a couple of images of a light I just repaired (tightend the LED module) that had this issue-

 ledbowhuntinglight1.jpg  ledbowhuntinglight2.jpg

I hope this helps! It is a pretty easy fix when you know this can happen. If you need any other trouble shooting help with your light, please use the contact form. I help "fix" many lights via email so that they can get back into the field as quickly as possible!