No Phone Number

Why No Phone Number?

It seems totally ridiculous to not be able to conduct business over the phone these days. Believe me, I understand more than you think. Why in the world would someone want to answer the phone 100 times a day only to be cussed at, verbally abused or told such things that it is only legal because we don't record our phone calls in order to press charges.

The truth is that most website companies cannot keep up with the phone calls from window shoppers these days. I think voicemail is a complete waste of time. Invented by someone who wanted to "seem" busier than they actually are. 

Yet, when you call any other place you will have to deal with some form of automated messaging or re-direction service in order to get assistance when you need it most. Or mostly when you want it- which is usually 2:00am on a Sunday Morning----

It is impossible to staff for that. It is also impossible to staff for "window shoppers" who want to be "sold" over the phone. 

Having been in sales for a number of years in a number of industries, it's always easy to spot someone who just wants to hear the "pitch". This is usually only done to a sales person so that the would be customer can "reject" the offer. In the end- it's a complete waste of time.

We don't "pitch" anyone on our products. Our products stand on their own. 

Built one at a time, in house, our products speak very loudly for themselves. When there is an issue with them- it is very rarely a result of what we do here. Almost every time it is because the person using them does not have enough respect for their equipment to ensure they don't ruin the product.

Sad, but true.

So, at the end of the day, the phone rings off the hook. We had a staff of 6 that could not keep up with the phone calls. Good customers fell through the cracks, dealers did not get the things they needed, and all we ended up doing was listening to the EXTREMELY disrespectful whiners fill our days with hate and disgust for this industry as a whole.

It was a difficult decision to make, but who really wants customers like that? Right.... So we are sticking to what we do best- Servicing those customers who believe in and support us each year, making sure our dealers get what they need to sell their goods and turn a profit for their stores, backing our promisses, and doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it-


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