Warranty Info

Lifetime Warranty Program

BowLite’s lifetime warranty program only covers G3 BowLite products purchased from Authorized BowLite Dealers, and direct purchased items. BowLite products purchased through internet auctions are not covered by our lifetime warranty program. 

This warranty protects against any failures of the product due to defects in materials or workmanship and does not include any damage due to abuse, misuse or modification to the product’s design.The following exclusions apply.



Batteries, chargers, paint anodizing, or hydrograpic film transferred images, and BowLite Models that are not the "G3".

We also specifically exclude the remote switches attached to the end of the cables on the bow kits, the cables, glass lenses and orings.

Damage caused by abuse, mishandling, water damage, alteration or modification to orginal product. Other excluded damages are those resulting from improper installation, disassembly, or general reckless care and disregard for the product.

For the Warranty to be enforceable the original purchaser must complete the warranty card or online registration form within 30 days of purchase. Lifetime warranty program is for the original owner of the product only and is non-transferrable. Proof of purchase may  be required.

Warranty Service

Our goal is to have your items repaired and out the door as quickly as possible. You are our greatest asset, and we will give you the highest quality and most efficient service possible.

All products requiring warranty service must be returned to our manufacturing facility for inspection and diagnosis of any problems. We will determine whether factory service is required after correspondence with the customer. Any items sent to our facilities prior to this correspondence will not be accepted. The owner is responsible for the return shipping to BowLite Archery Products’ facility as well as shipping back to owner. BowLite will perform the warranty service and return the product after any amounts due for non-warranty repairs and return shipping have been paid in full by owner.

If your product cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to replace it with a newer model of greater or equal value. We reserve the right to substitute any parts required for warranty coverage at our sole discretion and for any reason at any time.


Other BowLite Models Carry Our "Standard Warranty"

Standard Warranty

Other models of Bow Hunting and Tracking Light is warranted for 30 days from the date of purchase to operate. If your 50BL BowLite stops working be sure to use the contact form or call customer service so that we can assist in troubleshooting prior to returning your BowLite.

Items not specifically manufactured by BowLite Archery Products (batteries, chargers) are warranted for 30 days from the date of purchase. If you have problems with you items please be sure to use the contact form. There may be recall issues that might get your items replaced anyway.


All of the BowLite products can use either CR123 batteries, or 18650's interchangeably.

The BowLite is water tight, or water resistant. You can hunt in the rain using your BowLite. The BowLite cannot be submerged. This will void your warranty.

BowLite Archery Products will repair or replace warranted items at their sole discretion.


Return shipping is to be paid by the customer to BowLite Archery Products. Return address will be provided to the customer after troubleshooting is completed through the email process.

All returns must be done within 30 days of purchase date. Use the contact form to initiate a return or call customer service.

All BowLite Archery Products returned must be un opened & in NEW (not "Like New") condition ready for resale. Dis-assembled products will be returned to the customer at customers expense and no refund or exchange will be given unless the product requires repair. Then repair or replacement will be made at the sole discretion of BowLite Archery Products technical staff.

Dis-assembly will void any and all warranties and obligations of the seller.

Use & Responsibility

BowLite Archery Products is not liable for the use of any of the products manufactured or distributed by it in any way. The consumer understands that it is using these products at its own risk and takes full responsibility for such use.

BowLite Archery Products is not responsible for local hunting laws. That is the responsibility of the consumer to verify local hunting laws regarding the use of hunting equipment manufactured and distributed by BowLite Archery Products.

Please hunt responsibly & take a kid hunting.

Team BowLite