When will my order ship

If you have ordered through our system- Again, thank you very much.

Shipment times vary according to the items ordered. Every action we take on the backend is noted by sending you an update email when we change your order status, or ship out your products.

Please make sure to check your spam inbox if you don't see the status update emails. Most of the time that is where they end up, although all emails are sent from the same services and email addresses. Sometimes the spam settings will flag the emails so that they are not delivered to your "regular" inbox.

To check the status of your order, or to send a message through our shopping cart system you can login to your account by visiting this web page

Again, we urge all people we come into contact with to use proper language and judgement when contacting our support staff. This is especially true if you need some special circumstance accounted for, or need a favor from them. Yelling, cussing, insulting and disrespect usually does not speed up this process.

Here are some ESTIMATED shipping times for our products. None of these are guaranteed, and they will vary widely during peak seasons for these items.

Bowhunting Lights and Gear            

Approximately 2 business days after payment has been deposited into our accounts.

Bowfishing Lights and Gear            

Approximately 7-10 business days after payment has been deposited into our accounts.

Expedited Bowfishing Orders          

Approximately 5-7 business days after payment has been deposited into our accounts

If you are in a hurry, or need your items by a specific time, we highly encourage you to place your order early enough to guarantee that your items will ship in time. Every year we hear an endless number of stories about upcoming hunts, bowfishing tournaments, etc that will be missed if we don't do our jobs and put these customers at the front of the line.

We have no control over these type of customers and the lives they lead. We ask that they work diligently to ensure their timeline is met by ordering their goods well in advance. We have no idea what tournaments they are participating in, what hunts they have booked, etc.... Think about it- Seriously.....

No shipping time is guaranteed- ever- on any level- on any item


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