Where is my order

If you have placed an order through our system- THANK YOU-

We mean this very much. Don't worrry. We have your order details in our online store system and we are getting to your order as quickly as possible.

Some items are still very experimental for the hunting or bowfishing industry. As an industry leader in creating new, experimental (not previously used, marketed or distributed) items for these industries we work very hard to find the right balance between timing of shipment, inventory levels and even physical deminisions for shipping.

I know- That's just a fancy way of saying you might have to wait a day or so before your items ships. The reality is that many of our items are hand made or assembled specifically for the application that you want to use them for.

What does this mean?

Most orders ship within 2 business days after your payment has cleared our account. That means that your order will usually ship AFTER the payment has been deposited into our accounts from our credit card processors. 

I know it doesn't seem right, but there is alot of internet fraud these days, and we have to make certain the card owners are protected as much as possible. Delaying the shipment until the payment has cleared processing and actually been paid is one way we do that.

There are, of course a few exceptions to this timing. Most notably Bowfishing Lights. 

I doubt anyone will read this, but bowfishing lights are their own animal with their own lead times. Those lead times are based on order volume and are always shipped on a first come, first served basis. The only exception to this rule is expedited shipping- If that is paid for, you can certainly buy your way to the front of the line. That is why that option is in place.

You can find more information about bowfishing lights on the previous page- If you have ordered them, please read it. Every season someone thinks they have a right to be "special" enough to cuss us out because he can't read.


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